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Birzman Uncage Repair Kit

Birzman Uncage Repair Kit

A CO2 inflator set that attaches onto down/seat tubes in place of a bottle cage or to the Uncage Side Draw Bottle Cage (BM17-UNCAGE-SIDE) or to the Aeroman Carrier. Includes...

Birzman Bicycle Bike Uncage Side Draw Bottle Cage

- Side opening allows for bottle to be drawn from a side angle. - Symmetrical design allows for assembly according to handedness. Material: High Polymer Weight: 62g

Birzman Bicycle Bike Uncage Bottle Cage

- Full enclosure structure securely holds bottle in place. - Unique chamfered edge streamlines the entry and release of bottle from an angle. - Supplementary Velcro at rear end provides...

Birzman Bicycle Bike Bottle Cage

Weight:   24g Material:   High polymer material Options:   With 3 silicone colors: Grey | Green | Red