Cardio Game Up

What’s the better way to get your cardio game up – cycling or running?

Cardio Game Up

Let’s determine the answer based on objectives:

You want to keep going
Cycling: Since cycling put lesser strain on your joints, it is considerably safe to cycle for a long period of time especially those with knee or back issues. Moreover, your stamina training is sustained.

Running: The duration of running doesn’t last long as it eventually leads to muscle tearing and soreness, putting a limit on how long you can go on your feet.

Winner: Cycling

You want to build muscle mass
Cycling: Your quads, glutes and hamstrings are the foundation of your cycling power. As such, your leg muscles will increase as you cycle more. You should also lift some weights to keep your upper body proportionate.

Running: Even if you run uphill, it’s not possible to bulk-up by running. Your body becomes strained when you run. You’ll lean out your muscles as you burn fat, so if you’re trying to gain muscles, running isn’t the answer.

Winner: Cycling

You want to trim your belly
Cycling: You can burn up to 100 calories just by cycling for 10 minutes. However, you’re not going to burn as much as you think, as cycling is a sit-down exercise. Therefore, minimal effort is exerted.

Running: You can burn up to 200 calories just by running for about 14 minutes. You can burn even more and much faster if you run uphill.

Winner: Running

You don’t want to suffer an injury during training
Cycling: You can cycle for about 900,000 miles before your legs give way. Your legs can only take so much stress, but it will take a while before you suffer a cycling injury.

Running: Even running on flat terrains will send shocks to your spine, knee and other body parts. Aside from impacting your body each time your feet bounce up and down on concrete, your body temporary shrinks a little after a marathon race. You may even sprain your ankles when you step on an uneven surface.

Winner: Cycling

How to Flatten your Tummy by Cycling

How to Flatten your Tummy by Cycling

How to Flatten your Tummy by Cycling

“Oh your tummy looks so flat, how do you pull it off so amazingly?”

This is the comment which every lady would love to hear.

Having a flat tummy has become a trend currently and every woman tries to achieve a perfect flat belly no matter how hard it takes. Some gets upset when they don’t hit this goal, while the others tries various ways and methods to attain it.

The tummy easily accumulates body fats and doesn’t burn off easily when that happens, hence a specific workout routine needs to be followed to burn tummy fats. If you have some extra fat on your tummy, don’t worry, you can cut it off by performing some exercise which is good for your body overall.

One of the best way to get you back in shape is cycling. Cycling not only helps you in burning all of your extra fats and calories, but it is also good for your physical health. It helps in regulating your heartbeat and shaping your limbs, especially muscles like calf and arm muscles. It also strengthens your backbone etc. Cycling is one of the cheaper way to lose excess fat. You will only need two things for this exercise: first a bicycle and second a water bottle because you would want to keep yourself hydrated during all of this time.

So, here is a method of cycling, which you can follow to burn your extra fat to get a perfectly flat stomach.

  • Start your routine with a lower speed. Don’t go too fast in the beginning otherwise you have to put in extra effort afterward. Start with a five minutes warm up before gradually speeding up.
  • Flat roads are highly recommended for this exercise. Try to find a cycling route where roads are flat and also with nice scenery to keep you fresh and motivated.
  • Keep in mind that you want to lose a certain amount of calories in a minute. Let’s say that you have to lose about ten calories per minute so you want to coordinate with the speed. Do not keep it too slow where you are not even applying any force on pedaling, neither too much effort where you might accidentally hurt yourself or running out of breath soon.
  • Keep it at 10 mph for half an hour. If you are comfortable with this speed and feel that you are burning some of the calories then you can maintain the speed.
  • You may also gradually increase your speed and time of cycling when your stamina improves.
  • Make a chart to record your workout and monitor your progress. Practice it thrice a week.
  • Keep yourself hydrated with water.
5 Cycling Gears 4

5 Cycling Gears That Improve Your Cycling Experience

Riding a bicycle is a hobby for countless people as it’s undoubtedly one of the most beneficial and fun exercise that you could do during your spare time. It provides complete exercise to your entire body, strengthens your cardiovascular system, enhances blood circulation among other benefits. However, there are a few things that you are most certainly going to need if you want to have a smooth ride. With this in mind, we would like to introduce you 5 equipments that will be useful for every cyclist.

1. Bicycle Light
5 Cycling Gears 1
Bicycle lights are mandatory for your safety when you’re riding in the dark. A good bicycle front light will be able to shine your path ahead to give you advance warning of any oncoming humps or potholes. When approaching any road intersection, it will warn other road users that you are coming towards their direction. If you are always cycling on the road or park connector cycling path, a bicycle light with brightness between 200 to 300lumen should be able to provide the illumination needed. For those MTB riders who are always doing night trail, it is recommended to get a good quality light with 500lumen and above. This allows you to shine your path even further so that you will have ample time to prepare for any oncoming obstacles or dangers. For a wide selection of bicycle lights, please click here:

2. Air Pump
5 Cycling Gears 2
Having an air pump is also important. While riding a bike might be a leisure activity, but just in case you decide to go off the beaten track for an unplanned adventure, you’re most likely going to need an air pump to change your tire pressure that suit the terrain. Moreover, it is unpredictable when you’re going to get a flat tire, therefore every cyclist should be prepared and equipped with the right tools to solve your puncture.
For a selection of bicycle hand or track pumps, please click here:

3. Cycling Shoes
5 Cycling Gears 3
Anyone can cycle with any shoes, however proper cycling shoes are beneficial to anyone who rides with them. These shoes are designed with stiff bottom that secures itself into a compatible pedal to hold your feet securely on the bicycle. This will enable you to transfer more power to every pedal stroke and minimise energy lost. While you are pushing down the pedal at one side, you are able to pull up the pedal at the other side. Therefore your pedalling will be more efficient and your muscles will be less tired.

4. Protective Gears
5 Cycling Gears 4
Accidents do happen and you will be grateful that you are wearing your protective gears should you meet one. Most commonly, you will see rider with helmets and gloves on. When having a fall, you will never know where your head will land on. As the most important part of the body, the head should be well protected with a good quality bicycle helmet. It is a natural instinct that one will use his/her hand to block himself/herself from landing roughly. Therefore wearing gloves will definitely reduce the injuries on the hands if such reaction occurs. For those MTB trails challenger, it is advisable to get additional safety gears like body armour, neck braces, knee pads, elbow pads shin guards, wrist protection and ankle guards.

5. Cycling Clothes
5 Cycling Gears 5
If you are going for a long ride, it is recommended to get proper cycling clothing so that you will feel more comfortable throughout the journey. Cycling jerseys are usually made of form-fitting material that reduces drag when you ride. And their technical fabrics enhance performance by wicking away sweat to keep you dry. They usually include a front zipper for ventilation when your body temperature rises. They come with back pockets for easy and quick access of small items and longer cut at the back for coverage when riding.
Cycling shorts are stretchable for full freedom of movement. They Includes a padded crotch liner to reduce friction and wick moisture. The design of the padding that provides you some cushioning may have different styles. Therefore if possible, remember to try them first in order to determine which best fits your anatomy.

bicycle chain r

Maintaining Your Bicycle Chain

bicycle chain r

When your bicycle starts making a whole lot of noise and you find yourself having to push harder and harder on the pedals, you know it’s that time again: time to replace that tired old worn-out bicycle chain.

Having to replace the chain on your bicycle is inevitable (as every seasoned cyclist knows), but with a little effort and discipline, you can extend the longevity of your bicycle chain just by carrying out regular maintenance on it.

Remember to leave the chain on the bicycle while you’re cleaning it; this will prevent the chain from being subjected to some unnecessary wear-and-tear. At the same time, you can also inspect the chain for any links that may have become too stiff; stiff links can cause the chain to skip and slip (not something you want to experience while you’re still on the bicycle). If you do find any, simply loosen the stiff links by twisting the chain up and down the way it was meant to. If this fails to work, it would then be advisable to have the chain replaced.

After the initial inspection is completed, the next step would be to clean it with either a degreaser or even just dishwashing soap. Apply the cleaning agent of your choice onto a piece of cloth or sponge, wrap the cloth/sponge around the chain and simply backpedal (caution: make sure that your fingers on the chain are positioned away from any moving parts that can cause injury). Rinse out the cloth/sponge and repeat the cleaning process until all the dirt and grime have been sufficiently removed from the chain.

Once the chain is clean enough, it is ready to be lubricated. Make sure you lubricate the chain properly by putting a drop of lubricant into each chain pain; this may be a little time-consuming but it will be well worth the time spent. While the metal components of the chain doesn’t really “stretch”, the actual length of the chain does increase over time as the sleeves and pins are subjected to constant wear-and-tear. Lubricating the pins properly will help to alleviate this sort of wear-and-tear and extend the functional lifespan of the chain. Lastly, leave the lubricant on the chain for about 15 minutes and then wipe off the excess with a clean piece of cloth.

It is highly recommended that you perform maintenance on the bicycle chain:

  • At least twice a month;
  • For the frequent riders, after clocking about 10 hours of riding time;
  • After riding in bad weather.
Eventually, you should replace the bicycle chain when it is:
  • Rusted;
  • Overly-stiff;
  • Loose from being worn-out;
  • Or when you’ve accumulated more than 1000 miles (approximately 1600km) on it.

Ride well and ride safe everyone!


Bicycle Rims And Tires Are The Soul of Your Bike. Your Bike Can’t Go Anywhere Without Them!


Do you know that the first bicycle wheels were from a horse drawn cart, made of wood with a metal band round the bicycle rim? It was very hard and uncomfortable to ride. A man called Dunlop (Scottish) invented the pneumatic tire, and riding it on tar road surface invented by Macadam (another Scot) made cycling much easier.

The bicycle rim, like the bicycle frame, hasn’t evolved much in design and is still round as it is. From the first usage of wooden rims to steel and now even carbon. Of all bicycle parts, the bicycle rim is the one that will make a huge impact on how your bicycle is. Firstly, the weight of your rim affects your sprinting and climbing as the heavier it is, the more it will weigh you down. The shape of the rim can be important too; a flat rim is best for slopes as aerodynamics are not as important on a hill, a deep part, aero, rim will certainly aid you to cut through the air.

Bicycle Wheels Materials
The materials used for rims are crucial as steel is heavy and if it’s damaged, it can be difficult to draw back into shape. However due to its toughness, it takes effort to bend it in the first place. Additionally, steel is less expensive as compared to other materials. Alloy is probably the most popular rim, which can be made into any form, level or aero, but not too deep as it would then weigh too much. If money is not a concern, you may opt for the best, which is carbon rim. It’s strong and very lightweight, but there are a few problems with carbon rim. For instance, they do not brake so well in wet conditions and you must use a special brake obstructs for carbon which can be costly too. The rim needs to be perfectly round and also not to have any lumps in the rim wall surface as this will make braking quite erratic. Carbon is a challenging material to work with and should be well taken care of.

Types Of Rim To Consider
There are additionally 2 kinds of rim to think about and this depends on which kind of tire you prefer to use. There are tubular tires that are glued to the bicycle rim, which is more costly and has more difficulty in fixing after a puncture, but they are a masterpiece for racing purposes. Finishing touch tires has improved quality, are as good as tubular in regards to performance and are easily repairable. Also, they are priced more reasonably. Majority of manufacturers make all designs in both systems.

Thinking of which you should buy? It’s not an easy decision as there are too many choices. It’s advisable to do an extensive and intensive research on the internet and seek for professional opinions when needed.

Your Bicycle Needs Your Care

Your Bicycle Needs Your Care!

Your Bicycle Needs Your Care

Buying a bike is based entirely on your choice, just like buying a pair of running shoes that suits you instead buying a pair that’s based on its price. The demand for bikes and its associated equipments varies individually, for example older people should take joint and knee guards into consideration. Bike light is essentially if you prefer or have the tendency to ride during darker hours of the day for safety and security reasons.

After you get a bicycle of your own, maintaining it is vital to its performance and also lengthen the lifespan of your bicycle. Maintaining your bike such as normal cleaning and precautionary upkeep can easily be done by you. Other tasks that involve more technical maintenance might demand the abilities of a professional.

When using a bicycle, most of the load and tension falls straight on the tires. Examine your air tension to ensure the tires are pumped up as per the maker’s specifications. Tires should be checked often for any indicators of tearing. Wheels need routine tuning and also adjustment, and also ought to be inspected for damages and spins created by accidents or falls. Rotating is the most effective means to check a wheel. If the wheel drinks back and forth as it rotates, it certainly needs to be tightened. Spokes additionally should be tightened up and also fixed firmly to the rims as part of routine bike upkeep. The spokes transfer stress, so if they’re ruined they should be changed instantly.

Comparable to the steering wheel of an auto, the handlebar is a key part in handling the bike. A handlebar should be adapted to create the very best results. Adjust the elevation to make sure that you can pleasantly hold the handlebar when seated. The handlebar must be appropriately straightened with the front wheel, to accommodate both fast swerves as well as smooth adjustments in either instructions. A properly readjusted front fork is equally important. The front fork supports the handlebar and needs to be safely attached to the handlebar article. Also, make sure that your bike upkeep regime includes researching that the pedals are securely safeguarded.

The single crucial component of the bike for cyclist safety and security is the brake setting up. Examine the brakes by pressing them as well as rolling the bike in advance. If the brakes work effectively, the wheels will certainly not roll as well as the brake pads will remain squarely on the rims without touching the tires. If the brake bars touch the handlebars when pressed, it indicates the brake wires are loosened. Tighten them and also examine for wear. If the brake cables are frayed, have them replaced.

Proper bicycle upkeep includes regular lubrication of the chain, to generate smooth as well as swift movement. Make use of a de-greaser to get rid of accumulated dirt on the oil. Bear in mind to put fresh oil on replace the filthy oil that has actually been removed. Keeping your chain clean and also well lubricated will maintain it from getting stuck or leaping the gear teeth.

Maintaining your bicycle in prime riding condition does not take a lot of tools or a good deal of technological understanding. Bicycle upkeep is a simple activity that takes only a little time and also initiative. Maintain your bike fit and it will last numerous years.


8 Lessons Cyclists Learn On Their Cycling Trip


Riding assertively keeps you safe
Riding assertively and with confidence make you safer on the road. Techniques such as establishing eye contact with drivers or hand signals helps in not letting them put you in dangerous positions.

Gears – your best friend
Gears are your best friends on a climb, and your greatest source of speed on a long, rolling stretch. It definitely takes practise to adjust them so they are more efficient to your ride, and dramatically improving your performance.

The importance of riding in moderation
Cyclists are excited to explore new distances when you get the hang of it. But going too much mileage before you’re fully ready will cause unwanted injuries. Build up slowly, ease in, and give your body time to adjust to new distances.

Learn a thing or two about bike maintenance
One of the perks of learning how to maintain your bikes is that you’ll save a bundle at the bike shop. Also, knowing more about your bike helps to prolong the lifespan of your bike.

Staying fueled and hydrated is key
Insufficient hydration causes leg cramps, dizziness or other worst case scenario. Awful to think that you have a leg cramp when you’re going down 30mph downhill. Not having enough food while you’re riding at your maximum body strength doesn’t tally up either.

Fear no flats
A flat tyre might seem terrifying to some when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and the nearest petrol station is some kilometres away. Fortunately, there are new technological products these day that ensures you won’t encounter this kind of dilemma. The Birzman Portable Air Pump allows you to pump your tyres anywhere, anytime.

Stretching and changing positions keeps you flexible
Wiggling your toes, adjusting your hand position from time to time, whatever that keeps off muscles cramp and numbing. It can be troublesome when you have numb hands or leg cramps.

Getting angry doesn’t get you anywhere
Pedestrians are going to walk in front of you, cyclists are going to jump through red lights and huge buses are going to overtake you. Each time this happens you have a choice: Get angry, or breathe and let it go! There are plenty more things that are irritating, but focus on them and you’ll miss the many joys of cycling.


Cycling for Weight Loss


Losing weight efficiently requires a change of diet and indoubtably a proper set of exercise regimen. It is important to make sure that you maintain the number of calories you absorb balanced symmetrical to the number of calories you burn. Endurance building exercise, such as cycling, helps to accumulate the strength of your heart and also your lungs, which allows you to do more without losing air.

Health benefits Of Cycling 15 Minutes A Day

When done correctly, cycling is an efficient and also an enjoyable aerobic exercise. Cycling can reduce the risk of heart illness, high blood pressure, weight problems and diabetic issues.

Cycling is found to boost your energy levels by 20 percent and reduce fatigue by 65 percent, a study published in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics shows. The reason behind, as explained by Patrick O’Connor, Ph.D., a professor of kinesiology at the University of Georgia at Athens, is that cycling triggers your brain to release the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is linked to energy. Dopamine is also one of the feel-good chemicals that has been associated with reducing depression and anxiety as well as ease signs of premenstrual disorder.

Optimal results are achieved when bicyclists are taking heavy breaths, yet are not out of breath. Workout has been shown to enhance HDL (“excellent” cholesterol) and also drop the amount of triglycerides in the blood. This means an improved cardiovascular health and wellness – a lowered opportunity of heart clog. There are some records that link exercise to a lowered risk of establishing some cancer, such as colon cancer.

The indirect health and wellness benefits include decreasing major injuries due to drops in older individuals, osteoporosis, and also hip cracks. Statistics also show that threat of fatality can be decreased up to 22 percent for bicyclists, even for those who travel short distances.

Cycling for an hour burns approximately 300 calories, which is the amount of calories you gain when you’re munching on a chocolate bar or having a few alcoholic beverages. Equated into modern-day way of living terms, a fifteen-minute bike ride for five times a week can help to burn off 11 extra pounds of fat a year as well as meeting the demands for minimizing health risks.

Exercising when you want to lose weight requires more strength and perseverance. The faster your exercise, the more calories you burn. Running a nine-minute-mile burns 11 calories a min. Walking at 18 minutes each mile burns 5 calories. Some workout allows you to continue burning fatty tissues away even after it ends, so when the sweating stops, the body’s metabolic process remains high. How can you raise the post-exercise burn even when you’re just sitting down on your desk? A couple of scientific studies shows that working out for 20 minutes at 35% to 55 % of cardio capability, which means increasing the intensity and speed of your workout, can burn body fats as much as a 40 minutes workout at a low to moderate pace.


Your Guide to Intra-Town Cycling

As part of overall plans to promote cycling as a healthy form of transport, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is constructing a comprehensive network of cycling paths to facilitate intra-town cycling in selected HDB towns. These cycling paths will connect cyclists with key public transport nodes, such as MRT stations and bus interchanges where they can continue with their journeys on public transport.

Cyclists will be able to cycle safely on these cycling paths from their homes to key amenities, such as neighbourhood centres, markets and schools. Recreational cyclists can also use these cycling paths to connect to the existing Park Connector Network (PCN).

Cyclists are strongly encouraged to take note of the good cycling etiquette and safety tips included in the guide to enable a safe and pleasant ride for all users of the cycling path.

Download PDF HERE

14 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Cycling

14 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Cycling!

14 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Cycling

1. Rest a lot more deeply
An early morning journey may knacker you out in the short term, however it’ll assist you capture some top quality slumber when you obtain back to your pillow. Researchers asked less active sleeping disorders patients to pattern for 20-30 minutes every various other day. The outcome? The moment needed for the insomniacs to go to sleep was minimized by half, as well as sleep time enhanced by nearly an hour.

Working out outdoors subjects you to daylight. This assists get your biological rhythm back in sync, as well as frees your physical body of cortisol, the tension bodily hormone that could prevent deep, regenerative rest.

2. Look younger
Cycling frequently can secure your skin against the damaging impacts of UV radiation and lessen the indications of ageing. Increased flow with workout delivers oxygen and nutrients to skin cells better, while gushing hazardous toxins out. Workout additionally develops a perfect setting within the physical body to optimize collagen production, helping in reducing the appearance of wrinkles as well as quicken the healing process. Remember to add the aspect 30 prior to you going, however.

3. Increase your bowels
Based on experts, the benefits of biking extend deep right into your core. Physical exertion assists lower the time it takes food to move via the big gut, restricting the amount of water absorbed back into your physical body and also leaving you with softer stools, which are less complicated to pass.

Additionally, aerobic exercise accelerates your breathing and heart rate, which helps to promote the contraction of intestinal muscles. In addition to avoiding you from really feeling bloated, this aids safeguard you against bowel cancer.

4. Boost your mind power
Require your grey matter to glimmer? Then obtain pedaling. Five percent renovation in cardio-respiratory fitness from cycling caused an enhancement of as much as 15 percent in psychological tests. That’s considering that biking assists build brand-new thinking cells in the hippocampus– the region accountable for memory, which wears away from the age of 30.

It increases blood flow as well as oxygen to the mind, as well as regenerates receptors, explaining how exercise assists ward off Alzheimer’s.

5. Beat illness
Neglect apples, using’s the means to maintain the doctor at bay. Moderate exercise makes immune cells much more active, so they prepare to light off infection.

In fact, based on research study, passenger who cycles for HALF AN HOUR, five days a week, take about half as many unwell days as lazy-bones.

6. Conserve the world
Twenty bikes can be parked in the exact same room as one auto. It takes around five percent of the products and power made use of to make a car to build a bike, and a bike makes absolutely no pollution.

Bikes are efficient, also– you circumnavigate 3 times as fast as walking for the same amount of energy and also, taking into consideration the ‘energy’ you place in your ‘engine’, you do the matching of 2,924 miles to the gallon. You have your weight proportion to say thanks to: you have to do with 6 times heavier compared to your bike, but a car is 20 times bigger than you.

7. Improve your sex life
Being a lot more physically current boosts your general health, which has the ripple effect of increasing your libido, according to health and wellness experts in the US. One research study also wrapped up that male users have the sex-related expertise of males two to five years younger, with physically fit ladies delaying the menopause by a comparable quantity of time.

Meanwhile, study lugged out at Harvard College found that males matured over 50 that cycle for at the very least 3 hrs a week have a 30 percent lesser risk of erectile dysfunction than those who do little workout.

8. Recover your heart
Studies in the US have actually shown that routine biking can cut your danger of cardiovascular disease by HALF. Cycling merely 20 miles a week reduces your threat of heart condition to less than half that of those that take no workout, it states.

9. Your boss will certainly like you
No, we don’t indicate your Lycra-clad butts will entice your superiors right into a passionate office love, yet they’ll value just what biking provides for your usefulness to the company. A research study of 200 folks supported out found that workers who exercised prior to work or at lunch enhanced their time as well as work management, and also it improved their inspiration and their capacity to deal with anxiety.

The research additionally stated that employees that exercised felt their interpersonal efficiency was a lot better, they took less breaks as well as discovered it less complicated to finish work with time. Sadly, the study didn’t find a direct web link in between biking and getting a promotion.

10. Shed weight in the saddle
Lots of passenger who wish to change some heft assume that going out for a jog is the very best method to begin slimming down. However while running does burn a lots of fat, it’s not type to you if you’re a little bigger compared to you want to be. Think of it– two to 3 times your physical body weight goes collapsing via your body when your foot strikes the ground. If you evaluate 16 rock, that’s a great deal of pressure! As an alternative, begin out on a bike– majority of your weight is taken by the saddle, so your skeleton doesn’t take a damaging. Running can still wait.

11. Improvement your bellows
No rewards for supposing that the lungs function significantly more difficult than usual when you ride. An adult cycling typically utilizes 10 times the oxygen they would certainly have to sit in front of the TV for the same duration. Also much better, regular cycling will certainly help reinforce your cardio system with time, allowing your heart and lungs to function more efficiently and acquiring even more oxygen where it’s required, quicker. This means you could do more exercise for less effort. Just how great does that sound?

12. Burn more fatty tissue
Sports physiologists have discovered that the body’s metabolic rate– the efficiency with which it burns calories as well as fatty tissue– is not just elevated throughout a ride, but also for several hours afterwards. Even after cycling for 30mins, you might be burning a higher quantity of total calories for a few hours after you quit.
And as you acquire fitter, the benefits are a lot more extensive. One recent study showed that bicyclists that incorporated quick intervals into their trip burned three-and-a-half times much more physical body fat compared to those that cycled constantly but at a slower speed.

Cycling can assist you shed pounds– however don’t take it also much!

13. Make buddies and also stay healthy
The social side of using could possibly be doing you as much great as the real workout. Hanging out releases the hormonal agent oxytocin, which buffers the ‘fight or fight’ reaction.

Study found those with one of the most friends cut the risk of a very early fatality by greater than 60 percent, minimizing blood pressure as well as enhancing their body immune system. The results were so significant that the researchers concluded not having friends or confidants is as detrimental to your wellness as cigarette smoking or supporting additional weight. Include in the fitness component of biking also as well as you’re into a winner.

14. Spend top quality time with your companion
It does not matter if your speeds aren’t completely matched– just reduce as well as enjoy each other’s business. Numerous couples make one or 2 using ‘dates’ each week. And it makes good sense: exercise assists release feel-good hormonal agents, so after a ride you’ll have a warm and comfortable sensation towards each various other also if he leaves the commode seat up and also her hair is blocking the plughole again.