Top 5 Hottest Bike Accessories

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What’s the latest scoop? We give you the low down on the Ultimate Hot Sellers- and why they’re on top. In no particular order:

Top 5 Hottest Bike Accessories

Moon 35 Lumens USB Rechargeable Rear Light COMET R

Moon 200 Lumens USB Rechargeable Light METEOR 200

Moon 780 Lumens USB Rechargeable Light X-POWER 780

HT Evo Series Pedals AE01

HT Racer Pedals PK01

Moon Lights

Check out these rechargeable, durable and powerful Moon Lights- with easy to use mounting, amazing visibility, and reliable brightness through the night, it’s easy to see why the Moon Lights are one of the hottest bike and safety accessories every cyclist needs. Convenient, lightweight with controls for varying light modes too. The Comet-R, Meteor 200 and X-Power all have different functions (for rear-end, or with helmet mount etc) Click each image to find out what suits your needs better.

HT Platform Pedals

Our two hot selling products include the high performance and super reliable Platform Pedals from HT. With high smoothness, durability and more ground clearance thanks to a patented spindle bearing system and an ultra thin platform, enjoy more power from the EVO range, one of the lightest pedals on the market. Don’t miss out on all the high-speed action with these amazing bike pedals.

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