How to Flatten your Tummy by Cycling

How to Flatten your Tummy by Cycling

“Oh your tummy looks so flat, how do you pull it off so amazingly?”

This is the comment which every lady would love to hear.

Having a flat tummy has become a trend currently and every woman tries to achieve a perfect flat belly no matter how hard it takes. Some gets upset when they don’t hit this goal, while the others tries various ways and methods to attain it.

The tummy easily accumulates body fats and doesn’t burn off easily when that happens, hence a specific workout routine needs to be followed to burn tummy fats. If you have some extra fat on your tummy, don’t worry, you can cut it off by performing some exercise which is good for your body overall.

One of the best way to get you back in shape is cycling. Cycling not only helps you in burning all of your extra fats and calories, but it is also good for your physical health. It helps in regulating your heartbeat and shaping your limbs, especially muscles like calf and arm muscles. It also strengthens your backbone etc. Cycling is one of the cheaper way to lose excess fat. You will only need two things for this exercise: first a bicycle and second a water bottle because you would want to keep yourself hydrated during all of this time.

So, here is a method of cycling, which you can follow to burn your extra fat to get a perfectly flat stomach.

  • Start your routine with a lower speed. Don’t go too fast in the beginning otherwise you have to put in extra effort afterward. Start with a five minutes warm up before gradually speeding up.
  • Flat roads are highly recommended for this exercise. Try to find a cycling route where roads are flat and also with nice scenery to keep you fresh and motivated.
  • Keep in mind that you want to lose a certain amount of calories in a minute. Let’s say that you have to lose about ten calories per minute so you want to coordinate with the speed. Do not keep it too slow where you are not even applying any force on pedaling, neither too much effort where you might accidentally hurt yourself or running out of breath soon.
  • Keep it at 10 mph for half an hour. If you are comfortable with this speed and feel that you are burning some of the calories then you can maintain the speed.
  • You may also gradually increase your speed and time of cycling when your stamina improves.
  • Make a chart to record your workout and monitor your progress. Practice it thrice a week.
  • Keep yourself hydrated with water.