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What’s the better way to get your cardio game up – cycling or running?

Let’s determine the answer based on objectives: You want to keep going Cycling: Since cycling put lesser strain on your joints, it is considerably safe to cycle for a long period of time especially those with knee or back issues. Moreover, your stamina training is sustained. Running: The duration of running doesn’t last long as it […]

How to Flatten your Tummy by Cycling

“Oh your tummy looks so flat, how do you pull it off so amazingly?” This is the comment which every lady would love to hear. Having a flat tummy has become a trend currently and every woman tries to achieve a perfect flat belly no matter how hard it takes. Some gets upset when they […]

5 Cycling Gears That Improve Your Cycling Experience

Riding a bicycle is a hobby for countless people as it’s undoubtedly one of the most beneficial and fun exercise that you could do during your spare time. It provides complete exercise to your entire body, strengthens your cardiovascular system, enhances blood circulation among other benefits. However, there are a few things that you are […]

Maintaining Your Bicycle Chain

When your bicycle starts making a whole lot of noise and you find yourself having to push harder and harder on the pedals, you know it’s that time again: time to replace that tired old worn-out bicycle chain. Having to replace the chain on your bicycle is inevitable (as every seasoned cyclist knows), but with […]

Your Bicycle Needs Your Care!

Buying a bike is based entirely on your choice, just like buying a pair of running shoes that suits you instead buying a pair that’s based on its price. The demand for bikes and its associated equipments varies individually, for example older people should take joint and knee guards into consideration. Bike light is essentially […]

8 Lessons Cyclists Learn On Their Cycling Trip

Riding assertively keeps you safe Riding assertively and with confidence make you safer on the road. Techniques such as establishing eye contact with drivers or hand signals helps in not letting them put you in dangerous positions. Gears – your best friend Gears are your best friends on a climb, and your greatest source of […]

Cycling for Weight Loss

Losing weight efficiently requires a change of diet and indoubtably a proper set of exercise regimen. It is important to make sure that you maintain the number of calories you absorb balanced symmetrical to the number of calories you burn. Endurance building exercise, such as cycling, helps to accumulate the strength of your heart and […]

Your Guide to Intra-Town Cycling

As part of overall plans to promote cycling as a healthy form of transport, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is constructing a comprehensive network of cycling paths to facilitate intra-town cycling in selected HDB towns. These cycling paths will connect cyclists with key public transport nodes, such as MRT stations and bus interchanges where they […]