8 Lessons Cyclists Learn On Their Cycling Trip


Riding assertively keeps you safe
Riding assertively and with confidence make you safer on the road. Techniques such as establishing eye contact with drivers or hand signals helps in not letting them put you in dangerous positions.

Gears – your best friend
Gears are your best friends on a climb, and your greatest source of speed on a long, rolling stretch. It definitely takes practise to adjust them so they are more efficient to your ride, and dramatically improving your performance.

The importance of riding in moderation
Cyclists are excited to explore new distances when you get the hang of it. But going too much mileage before you’re fully ready will cause unwanted injuries. Build up slowly, ease in, and give your body time to adjust to new distances.

Learn a thing or two about bike maintenance
One of the perks of learning how to maintain your bikes is that you’ll save a bundle at the bike shop. Also, knowing more about your bike helps to prolong the lifespan of your bike.

Staying fueled and hydrated is key
Insufficient hydration causes leg cramps, dizziness or other worst case scenario. Awful to think that you have a leg cramp when you’re going down 30mph downhill. Not having enough food while you’re riding at your maximum body strength doesn’t tally up either.

Fear no flats
A flat tyre might seem terrifying to some when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and the nearest petrol station is some kilometres away. Fortunately, there are new technological products these day that ensures you won’t encounter this kind of dilemma. The Birzman Portable Air Pump allows you to pump your tyres anywhere, anytime.

Stretching and changing positions keeps you flexible
Wiggling your toes, adjusting your hand position from time to time, whatever that keeps off muscles cramp and numbing. It can be troublesome when you have numb hands or leg cramps.

Getting angry doesn’t get you anywhere
Pedestrians are going to walk in front of you, cyclists are going to jump through red lights and huge buses are going to overtake you. Each time this happens you have a choice: Get angry, or breathe and let it go! There are plenty more things that are irritating, but focus on them and you’ll miss the many joys of cycling.